SalesBridges Ergonomic work chair ERGOSLIM
Ergonomic work chair ERGOSLIM
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Ergonomic work chair ERGOSLIM

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Ergonomic work chair ERGOSLIM available in various designs.

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Product description

Workshop furniture chairs and stools





  • Polyurethane seat 36 cm wide and 33 cm deep with 5 cm high lumbar backrest and handle.
  • 360 ° rotation of the seat.
  • Height adjustment by gas lift, operated by a lever under the seat.
  • 2 cylinder heights: stroke 19 or 26.5 cm.
  • Five-star base in cast aluminum, 61 cm diameter for low stools, 68 cm for high stools.
  • The FLEX column allows many back movements while maintaining great stability.
  • There are 2 models with seat heights 68 to 88 cm and 54-84 cm.
  • Meets standard NF D65 761.

High-quality ergonomic design.

Create a safe and healthy workplace in an instant. Prevent health complaints due to incorrect work posture and accidents. Ergonomic workplaces help to achieve more efficiency and productivity.


Thanks to thoughtful ergonomics, employees remain efficient during their working day, but also during their professional career. The chair is an essential tool for ergonomics at work. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSAs) have evolved dramatically and require attention to the quality of employee seating. Sickness absence associated with MSA represents a particularly high cost for businesses and given these costs, the return on investment in a quality chair is quickly recouped. The chair must adapt to both the morphology of the operator and the specificity of his activity, depending on the type of work he is performing.

Quick delivery. From 48-hours delivery possible on marked products. A delivery time of approximately 1 week applies to all other products.

Workplaces with attention to high-quality ergonomics that meet the highest requirements. Modern design and particularly robust. Sustainably produced in France.



NL Environment - Ecological quality product
NF Mobilier Technique - Furniture quality mark for professional environments
PEFC - Sustainable forest management
AFAQ ISO 9001 - ISO Quality
REACH standard - Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals EU
Valdelia - Furniture recycling
Not all sizes, options and frame colors are online. However, a lot is possible on request.


1. Height:

The seat should be just below the kneecaps. The feet must be able to rest firmly flat on the ground while sitting.
In the event that the user has to work at a height where the feet cannot rest flat on the ground, it is recommended to use a footrest (independent or fixed in the lower part of the chair) to find the recommended position. Thighs form an angle of 90 to 110 ° with the hips.

2. Lumbar support:

In the seated position, the user must adjust the height of the backrest so that the lumbar support follows the normal curve of the lower back (lumbar curve). Your back should be tilted back slightly (a 110 degree angle is generally recommended).

3. Seating inclination:

The tilt of the backrest and seat cushion can be adjusted for greater comfort.

4. Depth:

Once seated, the user should be able to lean against the back without the seat cushion compressing the back of the knees.
Some chairs have a seat that is adjustable in depth.

5. Width:

The seat cushion should be wide enough not to compress the side of the thighs.


The comfort of the chair is the result of the combination of a set of elements:
The damping of the gas spring, which mainly has an effect when the user is sitting in the chair, provides flexibility at the moment of contact.
The seat mechanism that allows the position to be adjusted to the morphology of the user and his activity.
The thickness of the seat that avoids contact with the rigid structure of the seat and backrest.
The quality of the coating, which provides a good grip for the user, allows air circulation and comfortable contact.
The flexibility of the foam which also allows for a pleasant contact. It is one of the fundamental elements to increase comfort and ergonomics.

Not all dimensions, table top options and frame colors are available online. However, a lot is possible on request.


Made in France

We are happy to help you with all your questions. You can contact us by email at [email protected]

We can be reached by phone during office hours on +48 789 339 154

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